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Join us for the Escalation Roller Coaster and What You Can Do About It Webinar

Thursday, August 24, 2017 12:00 - 1:00 PM PST

Learn how macro and micro economic factors have influenced construction escalation over the past 30 years. Gain insight into where we are in the economic cycle so you can plan over the medium term.

Major institutional and commercial owners, developers, and designers will benefit from Vermeulens pre-construction cost control and escalation risk management process, keeping you off the redesign treadmill.

Together we cover:

What you will take away:

Who will benefit?

Major institutional and commercial owners, developers, and designers will benefit from Vermeulens pre-construction cost control and value management process, keeping you off the redesign treadmill

The session will be recorded:  Those who attend and/or sign up will be given access to a digital download and recording on our website.

Panel Presenter

Richard Vermeulen

Richard VermeulenIn his role as Chief Estimator and Lead Economist, Richard oversees all projects and market data for Vermeulens.  He advances the firm's process and quality control, and authors the Market Outlook Quarterly, Save-Save Cost Control, and Green at No Cost Sustainability publications.



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Architectural Resources Cambridge

"I understand that all of your MEP staff are either mechanical or electrical engineers and are therefore able to project what has not yet been drawn. In my opinion, this is one of the most valuable things you bring to the table."

- Architectural Resources Cambridge


"Consistently, we find that Vermeulens® has more enthusiasm and expertise than any other cost estimator with whom we've worked."

- Architerra

McGill University Health Centre

"Your involvement with the MUHC Project has created new standards in construction estimating in the Quebec Health Care System."

- McGill University Health Centre

Partners (Healthcare)

"Your team's ability to address cost issues as they related to the ever-changing technology of healthcare is impressive."

- Partners (Healthcare)


"We enjoy pushing the envelope of design with you at our side to enable the team to deliver within a realistic budget."

- Payette

Perkins + Will

"Vermeulens has been very supportive of the client's vision from the very inception of the work."

- Perkins + Will

The University of Chicago

"The accuracy of your estimate on our $200 million dollar (job) gave the University the confidence to test our project in the construction market. This strategy resulted in the University saving more than $10 million from the estimates provided by others. This is quite a return on the investment we made in your fee."

- The University of Chicago

Truex Cullins & Partners Architects

"Every bid project we've worked on with Vermeulens Cost Consultants, during the past twenty plus years, has come in within the prepared and accepted budget range."

- Truex Cullins & Partners Architects


"We need accurate estimates to manage an aggressive construction schedule with limited resources of time and money. I can safely state that our needs were met by Vermeulens®"


Virginia Performing Arts Foundation

"As we wrestled with the scope changes, value engineering, schedule issues, and funding questions you have never strayed from helping us to keep our eye on the bottom line."

- Virginia Performing Arts Foundation

Walsh Brothers

"Our collaborations are marked by openness, a mutual respect of differing opinions, and a willingness to assimilate a complete picture based on the information regardless of the source."

- Walsh Brothers

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