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Tradeline - Facility Strategies for Medical Schools and the Health Sciences 2017

October 5-6, 2017

New capital project and space utilization initiatives for academic medicine and the health sciences now need to achieve these seven objectives for institutional success:

Eight Steps to Our Eco future

Oct 19, 2017

Learn how ecological and economic prosperity flow from optimizing choice, access, mobility and space. See how human and natural systems multiply to create diversity, time, energy, and money.


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  • The Escalation Roller Coaster and What You Can do About It
  • Eight Steps to Our Eco Future
  • Lean and Green: The Value Process
  • Mar 16/17 - Regional and National Escalation Forum
  • 10 Things You Thought About Urban Economics But Were Afraid To Say
  • Cost Control – The Save-Save Process Forum
  • Sustainability - Green at No Cost Forum
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    Bring together thought leaders in the industry to help solve your concerns through online forums, which directly deal with economic, cost control, and sustainability issues that are affecting the construction industry.
    We tailor each online forum to address your concerns in both the presentation and Q&A, so we ask you to list your top three (3) concerns when registering.

    Economics - Regional Escalation Forum

    Join us for the Regional Escalation Forum to explore what is driving the rapidly escalating costs in your local region, and the nation.  Learn how market cycles, labor rates, bigger profit margins, materials markets, and local construction climates are affecting your project.  Share and discover strategies to battle higher costs, and avoid unwelcome surprises.

    Benefit from Vermeulens Escalation planning tools and predictions for annual escalation and individual trade cost ranges along with direction of the "five top leading indicators."

    Cost Control – The Save-Save Process Forum

    Join us for The Save-Save Cost Control process forum.  We share construction cost control optimization methodologies that lay the foundation for the mission, vision, and values for your capital projects success.
    We utilize economics and cost control together to identify options, and alternative solutions that can create economically leaner more valuable sustainable construction projects, and environments.  Our cost control process allows projects to quantifiably Save up front and Save over time.  A win-win for all. 

    We explore sustainability and life cycle costs in relation to project, design, and delivery.  Additionally, we introduce a cost model The Park City that can increase our standard of living by 50% at no additional cost by optimizing solutions.

    Benefit from Vermeulens capital construction cost control process that delivers lean sustainable solutions that Save up front and Save over time keeping you off the redesign treadmill whilst your project achieves Green at No Cost sustainability. 

    Sustainability - Green at No Cost Forum

    Join us for an in-depth forum on Green at No Cost: Economic and Cost Control Strategies for No Cost Sustainability based on the international Amazon best seller, Green at No Cost by Richard Vermeulen edited and illustrated by Peter Lucking.  Together we explore the preconceived barriers, to the implementation of lean sustainable urban planning, and design solutions.

    We utilize the Park City model to apply Economics, Cost Control, and Sustainability to create Green at No Cost design strategies that provide substantial cost savings for community leaders and decision makers, planners, contractors, developers, designers, and policy makers based on quantifiable cost savings that optimize your project to meet and exceed your goals. 

    Find out how we can increase our standard of living by 50% at no additional cost by utilizing optimized solutions from Green at No Cost.

    Benefit from Vermeulens Economic and Cost Control Strategies that create Green at No Cost Sustainability.


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    Architectural Resources Cambridge

    "I understand that all of your MEP staff are either mechanical or electrical engineers and are therefore able to project what has not yet been drawn. In my opinion, this is one of the most valuable things you bring to the table."

    - Architectural Resources Cambridge


    "Consistently, we find that Vermeulens® has more enthusiasm and expertise than any other cost estimator with whom we've worked."

    - Architerra

    McGill University Health Centre

    "Your involvement with the MUHC Project has created new standards in construction estimating in the Quebec Health Care System."

    - McGill University Health Centre

    Partners (Healthcare)

    "Your team's ability to address cost issues as they related to the ever-changing technology of healthcare is impressive."

    - Partners (Healthcare)


    "We enjoy pushing the envelope of design with you at our side to enable the team to deliver within a realistic budget."

    - Payette

    Perkins + Will

    "Vermeulens has been very supportive of the client's vision from the very inception of the work."

    - Perkins + Will

    The University of Chicago

    "The accuracy of your estimate on our $200 million dollar (job) gave the University the confidence to test our project in the construction market. This strategy resulted in the University saving more than $10 million from the estimates provided by others. This is quite a return on the investment we made in your fee."

    - The University of Chicago

    Truex Cullins & Partners Architects

    "Every bid project we've worked on with Vermeulens Cost Consultants, during the past twenty plus years, has come in within the prepared and accepted budget range."

    - Truex Cullins & Partners Architects


    "We need accurate estimates to manage an aggressive construction schedule with limited resources of time and money. I can safely state that our needs were met by Vermeulens®"

    - UOIT

    Virginia Performing Arts Foundation

    "As we wrestled with the scope changes, value engineering, schedule issues, and funding questions you have never strayed from helping us to keep our eye on the bottom line."

    - Virginia Performing Arts Foundation

    Walsh Brothers

    "Our collaborations are marked by openness, a mutual respect of differing opinions, and a willingness to assimilate a complete picture based on the information regardless of the source."

    - Walsh Brothers

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