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Green at No Cost - Economic and Cost Control Strategies that Achieve Sustainability

Written By Peter Lucking On 01-Jul-2015

Construction Economist Richard Vermeulen will release a new book, Green at No Cost, which presents a fresh and much-needed new approach to the whole subject of 'going green. The book's premise is that when we Save up front, and Save over time, we can achieve a sustainable economy with improved living standards.

Americans are interested in green solutions, but many times those solutions prove too costly up front to be considered. Green at No Cost presents practical solutions to economic design problems that allow both resource reduction and increased living standards. The book introduces the Save Save approach to creating a sustainable economy, saving trillions of dollars globally, and substantially increasing North Americans' standard of living within one to two generations.

Says Mr. Vermeulen, 'Climate change threatens our economy. Two thirds of our energy consumption is a direct result of the built environment that we as Construction Economists are responsible for. As a Cost Control professional, I became inundated with Save-Save opportunities through my work and my research. I realized that collectively, they would have a major impact on our economy, and over time, a major improvement to our standard of living would emerge.� 

For decades, it's been believed that the main obstacle in protecting the environment is the higher costs involved in such efforts. Green at No Cost debunks these arguments, and presents the revolutionary Park City concept, a design and cost model that incorporates the principles and design elements distilled from the Save-Save process. It includes:

No Cost Development, which optimizes space over a range of urban plans to improve land use by 15% or more.

No Cost Building that allows a 60% saving on energy consumption for buildings while reducing capital and maintenance costs.

No Cost Transportation, methods of reducing transportation energy costs by 60%, while increasing choice, mobility, and access.

No Cost Rehab, which redevelops specific space within a community for parks, parkways, bikeways, through roads, or other priority space. Time and energy savings recover the cost of rehab.

Green at No Cost can increase our living standard by 45% while turning environmental degradation into environmental improvement.

Green at No Cost will be available from Amazon in May. A synopsis is available

Richard Vermeulen is co-CEO, lead economist, and chief estimator for Vermeulens. Richard has developed industry-leading standards for estimating and data-basing complex construction projects throughout North America.  He is the author of Vermeulens Market Outlook and the Green at No Cost and Save-Save Solutions blog. He is a recognized speaker at national conferences on the topic of construction economics, urban planning, and architectural design.

Contact: Peter Lucking, Business Development and Sustainability Associate, is head of the Denver Office.  He can be reached at 303-386-2530.


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