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Beyond Estimation Market OutlookBeyond Estimation Market Outlook

This presentation will explore trends in real exchange rates, construction volumes, and major global construction inputs such as oil, steel, and copper.

The Escalation Roller CoasterThe Escalation Roller Coaster

This presentation introduces an empirical approach to indexing escalation in the Institutional Commercial Industrial construction market.

The Value ProcessThe Value Process

This presentation covers the most effective use of construction economics in delivering value throughout the design process.

Total Benefit AnalysisTotal Benefit Analysis

This presentation demonstrates how construction economics measures benefits in the context of our built environment.

Upcoming Events  

University Facilities for the Sciences
and Advanced Technologies 2023 – Fall

October 2-3

Austin, TX

Attend this conference to benchmark your plans for renovations, expansions, and new construction for higher education research and STEM teaching facilities. Here you’ll get details on facility components that support new and expanded research programs, enable active learning, improve recruitment of research, students, and faculty, make more efficient use of resources (space, budgets, and core technology), increase flexibility, integrate science and engineering disciplines, boost collaboration and interaction, and reduce capital and operating costs.
Session speakers
Blair Tennant, Principal Blair Tennant, LEED AP
Vermeulens, San Antonio

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John McKeon, Associate John McKeon
Vermeulens, Austin

Recent Events

Mass Building, Escalating Construction Costs

James Vermeulen, LEED AP, PQS, Managing Principal of Vermeulens, provided insights into issues confronting the design and construction industry. What should owners budget for cost escalation? What pricing structure should we use to accurately estimate costs for projects? James addresses these and other issues.

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