Tarrant County College Southeast Campus Expansion

Fort Worth, TX

Tarrant County College Southeast Campus Expansion

The existing building consisted of one large building with multiple entrances and no clear definition of a front door, wayfinding, brand, and lacked connections to the outdoors. The design strategy of this additions and renovations project was to create a modern learning environment that is designed around student and faculty experience, create a new campus gateway, and enhance connectivity with the community.

Perkins&Will designed two additions along the north and south axis to the existing building. The north building is a small welcome pavilion that houses student services functions and creates the primary entrance to the campus. The welcome pavilion sits in a formally landscaped quad and creates a well-defined axis through the existing building. The second building is located on the south side and is separated from the existing building with a student centric landscape garden and houses a café that spills into the outdoors. The south building is lifted from the ground to create a second entry portal into the campus.

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